• Image of Original Usamah Kise piece!

841 x 1189 mm(A0) . Hand made MDF Canvas with plywood backing easy for hanging. For additional photos please mail me at usamah07@hotmail.com.

This piece is in collaboration on with the TiedTogether campaign. The campaign is a movement created by the business of fashion, where prominent fashion companies have come together to show solidarity, unity and inclusiveness.
The TiedTogether movement is really important, because the fashion world has stayed silent in response to current world developments, so this campaign shows togetherness from their behalf. It’s not a political statement, it’s a positive statement in support of humanity and I believe my style of work fits this cause greatly and give the movement a strong visual impact.
I used the visual language of collage to challenge stereotypes, break labels and support the TiedTogether movement through the diversity of people used in my work.